The Intro:

It’s a simple blog started by a semi-retired expat living in northern Thailand with nothing much better to do than enter his thoughts on the world passing by while remembering the days when the last torch was passed to my generation.

I first heard of President Obama from a drinking buddy, another expat, while sipping on a cool one at O’Malley’s, here in Chiang Mai.  It’s funny, I call him “buddy” and his first name is Don, but damm, the last name just won’t come to me; I guess that proves of age of sixty-one.  What’s even stranger the name Barrack Obama never came up for a year or so later when he announced he was campaigning for President.  It was only than that I discovered he was an Afro-American.  How times have changed.

It took me a while to conceive a title for the blog because I wanted to relate it to our newly elected President, but I also wanted to have the blog reflect the times America is and will experience during President Obama’s Presidency.  In many ways it’s like are country is starting over, anew; yes there are numerous troubles facing the coming generations but we are starting to wakeup to global warming, exploring and developing alternative forms of energy and realizing we can’t exist on plastic credit any longer.

In many ways the blog is more for my own selfish reasons, to look back and catalog the Obama Presidency, so in order for me to record and retain the coming events you’ll have to bear with a host of YouTube videos, since I’ve always retained more visually and audibly.

Also, it’s difficult for me to give up the analog media, so you’re going to be seeing a host of wire service postings.

Well enough for the “intro” and the personal stuff and onto the documentary issues.


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