Our New Secretary of State:

It appears former New York Senator Hilary Clinton will be our next Secretary of State, which I don’t feel positive about; not that she isn’t qualified, but it’s just the simple fact she’s a woman.

In my express opinion most governments in developed countries, gender is not an issue, but in developing countries, especially those in Center and Mid East Asia women are mere household commodities.  Within these narrow minded countries there happens to be a few women in lower non-responsible governmental positions; typically considered by their male peer counterparts and superiors as token – appeasements to developed countries, basically eye candy.

Secretary Clinton will receive lip service only, just as former Secretary of States’ Madeline Albright and Condoleezza Rice.

All three of the aforementioned ladies are experienced, well educated and outstanding diplomas, but how far did that get them when dealing with Muslim based countries?  Each in their own way received some success, but hen you compare their records of accomplishment to:

  • 2001-2005: Colin L. Powell
  • 1993-1997: Warren Christopher
  • 1992-1993: Lawrence Eagleburger
  • 1989-1992: James Baker
  • 1982-1989: George Shultz
  • 1981-1982: Alexander Haig, Jr.
  • 1980-1981: Ed Muskie
  • 1977-1980: Cyrus Vance
  • 1973-1977: Henry  Kissinger
  • 1969-1973: William Rogers
  • 1961-1969: Dean Rusk

There’s a noticeable difference where international progress was achieved through counterparts their efforts.

I have a deep amount of respect and admiration for Hilary Clinton and for that all women, but when it comes to the Mid East, I just can’t see, today, any woman having much success.

Update from Politico – 20 Jan 09

Senate Democrats hoped to confirm Hillary Clinton as secretary of state this afternoon, but John Cornyn appears to have succeeded in forcing a one-day delay.

With Cornyn objecting to the unanimous consent motion for a voice vote today, Harry Reid has scheduled a roll call vote for tomorrow.

In a statement, Cornyn says he’s “pleased to have the opportunity to have a full and open debate and an up-or-down vote” on Clinton’s nomination.

“Important questions remain unanswered concerning the Clinton Foundation and its acceptance of donations from foreign entities,” he said. “Transparency transcends partisan politics and the American people deserve to know more. While I look forward to having this open discussion later this week, today I join my colleagues in celebrating the historic Inauguration of our 44th president. It is a monumental achievement in our nation’s history and a cause for pride for all Americans.”


4 Responses to “Our New Secretary of State:”

  1. January 18, 2009 at 8:40 PM

    You might want to leave Powell of that list. Powell achieved little if anything beyond destroying his creditability with the UN and the foreign heads of state. That wasn’t necessarily his fault, but it’s what happened.

  2. 2 Tom Awtry
    January 18, 2009 at 8:48 PM

    Comment well taken and understood, but in defense of Powell, I’ll have to say 911 kept him pretty busy and he had to make friends with many countries we usually don’t do business with.

    Thanks for the comment

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