A Tragic Day for Caroline and the US

Being somewhat of a Democratic Liberal I find that Caroline Kennedy has opted out of replacing former Senator of New York Hilary Clinton in our Senate, which considering Senator Ted Kennedy current health condition could leave a big hole in our legislative body of government.

The following excerpts from Politico does sound as if Caroline brought this upon herself, which from my understanding she could be somewhat pompous at times with people; so maybe I was just holding onto a dream of remembering her father (JFK) and uncle (RFK).

Here’s a few of the excerpts from the Politico article:

Caroline Kennedy bows out

Caroline Kennedy bows out

Caroline Kennedy bows out

By GLENN THRUSH & BEN SMITH | 1/22/09 12:38 AM EST

Caroline Kennedy abruptly ended her bid to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate early Thursday morning amid increased friction with Gov. David Paterson’s office and after an evening of confusion among her aides and supporters.

Paterson [Governor]seemed to be moving away from selecting Kennedy and had recently requested additional information on three other possible candidates — Upstate Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand, Manhattan Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, a person familiar with the inner workings of the governor’s office said.

In particular, the governor’s counsel had become increasingly frustrated with Kennedy’s interactions with his office and had become annoyed by her use of lawyers as intermediaries when they asked follow-up questions on a 28-page questionnaire Paterson sent candidates, the person said. Another source said Kennedy, jarred by her uncle’s collapse at a Senate luncheon yesterday, and doubting that Paterson would offer her the post, had wavered through the day Wednesday on whether or not to withdraw.

New York Democrats expressed concern Wednesday that Paterson’s rebuff of Kennedy– and the slow, humiliating, public road to that rebuff, culminating in the evening of chaos – could endanger the state’s standing with the Obama White House at a moment when states are scrapping over hundreds of billions of dollars in federal aid.

Paterson is likely to make an announcement on Friday, before the Jewish sabbath, to allow Speaker Sheldon Silver to attend, according to several New York Democrats also speaking on condition of anonymity


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