We’re Seeing Transparency in Action

President Obama as promised transparency and his Administration have gotten the word!  Today, as excerpted and quoted from The Whitehouse Blog “In one of his first acts as Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner today announced new rules that will make it harder for banks to lobby for a share of money set aside by the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.”

Timothy Geithner

Timothy Geithner

Mr. Geithner made these rules both for his employees in the Department of the Treasury and for members of our Congress.  This is a tremendous advancement to halt our congressional representatives in pork barreling money aimed at our country’s “recovery and reinvestment plan” for their own district’s selfish usage.

Furthermore, I’m not sure how our Treasury Department got in the poor shape it did over the past eight years and past administrations, but I’m assuming lobbyists had a fair part to do with destroying our economy.

Mr. Geithner had a difficult and embarrassing time during his confirmation and I hope this “stills” some of the “nay sayers” who voted against him during his confirmation hearings.

Onto the future!

Below is a just released video on YouTube of Senator John Cornyn’s opening remarks at the Finance Committee’s markup of “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”, which is about to begin debate in congress.  His brief but direct statements I take as neutral towards this much needed economic stimulus package, but I am hopeful that it will not meet with prolonged resistance or modifications, which would make it unusable as originally conceived and what sometimes happens in our legislative branch of government.

Remember Senator John Cornyn did not fully support Timothy Geithner appointment as Secretary of the Treasury, during the confirmation hearings.


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