“Americans United for Change” Who are They

I’m not condoning this organization or begging for contributions, but they present a good line and it’s an organization I’ve never heard of before, but they are getting attention from MSNBC and other major media players.

Peeking at their website, which I find some what out dated, for example:

Americans United For Change is building on a foundation of success laid over the past two years. In 2005, Americans United For Change was founded to fend off President Bush’s top policy priority at the time: privatizing Social Security.

Which was available in their “About Us” page and renders a fairly indebt description of their beliefs and activities, but again, to me, somewhat dated.  Here is what they state their mission is:

  • Increasing the minimum wage
  • Allowing Medicare to directly negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs
  • Preventing privatization of Social Security and preserving it for the future
  • Improving access to affordable healthcare for all Americans
  • Making college more affordable
  • Creating a responsible energy policy
  • Protecting our homeland

Followed by how they planned to implement these objectives:

  • Staff in 23 states and Congressional districts
  • National advertising
  • Targeted press and editorial outreach
  • Online petitions and organizing
  • Attention-getting events
  • Grassroots organizing
  • Community meetings
  • Aggressive PR tactics

Again, making sense, but they seem a little behind the curve, so what goes?

Here’s what “Americans United for Change” President Brad Woodhouse had to say during a Q&A with MSNBC, commentator on YouTube, entitled: “Brad Woodhouse on MSNBC Feb 2nd, 2009.”

OK, so what am I getting at?  They seem like a good organization with the right causes, but are they just another “me to” of MoveOn.org or are they something real with our best interests at heart?

I guess I don’t want to join any more organizations collecting donations for causes I “believe in”, but never really sure how my money is being spent.


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