The Grand Old Party could be a Grand Old Memory


Recently President Obama made a comment to members of his staff, after he had only been in office for ten days; he said he was betting his whole political future and Presidency on his proposed Economic Stimulus Package, now before the senate.  A very true statement, but considering the consequential failure that could result if Americans went a trillion dollars in the hole without any results to show for it; President Obama’s presidency would mean very little to us.

With this in mind let’s consider the congressmen who are holding up this legislation along with their daily hacking it apart, but all in the name of bipartisanship of course.  If President Obama’s package is a success, what should be their fate be in the next senatorial election?

Below a graphic comparing how the American people feel about the stimulus package, if I was a senator I’d certainly study this graph carefully, before I attempted to justify my existence in the senate

Accompanying the graphic is the article from Politico, entitled: “58 percent fault Hill GOP on stimulus” by Glenn Thrust.

Gallup is out with some stimulus numbers that should provide some comfort (and cover) for Dems and credence to the argument that GOP opposition to the package is basically base-massage.

Fifty-eight percent of Americans disapprove of the way House/Senate Republicans are playing this — a 16 percent higher disapproval rating than Dems got — and 33 points higher than Obama’s negatives.

One poll isn’t the story, but this seems to cut significantly against the Dems-in-trouble storyline.

2 Responses to “The Grand Old Party could be a Grand Old Memory”

  1. February 10, 2009 at 3:39 AM

    I was a Marketing major back in my youth, before becoming a middle manager and silver tongued ( keyboarded? ) blogger. As we used to say, recent surveys show 97.4% of poll statistics are garbage.

    The real test will be when this passes, as it obviously will, what will happen? If it does as well as TARP has, the Republicans stand to gain. I am a firm believer that the great issue with the GOP is not their opposition, but their lack of a clear message as far as an alternative.

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