Is it Jealousy or just Attempting to get Attention


For the past several days our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has been devoting her time to Asia, moving from country to country in an attempt to understand regional concerns over the economic conditions these past few months have presented, along with assuring Asian leaders President Obama values there cooperation in understanding the “trade” issues at hand, during these burdening times.

As to date these countries have included China, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea, but what is disturbing to me, is an article, which appeared in the Bangkok Post several days ago, posing the question of “why” the Secretary has avoided stopping in Thailand while she shuttles back and forth between Japan and Indonesia.

Soon after this article appeared (next day) the Bangkok Post released the following article entitled: “Rubber producers to cut output”, which casts Indonesia in somewhat a bad light in regards to “Trade” and possible price fixing, while perhaps in some ways rewards Thailand for bring this issue to the for front.  Could this be Thailand just trying to receive attention or is there substance to the article?

Indonesian Agriculture Minister Anton Apriyantono called on Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia – the world’s three leading rubber producers – to jointly lower the rubber production, aimed at lifting its prices and stimulating its demands.

Today, we see from the Bangkok Pundit his findings and discoveries in his posting entitled: “Rice Prices” where articles from the Wall Street Journal and again the Bangkok Post are quoted entitled: “Rice Growers Seek to Halt Falling Prices” and “Talks with Vietnam to be revived to lift rice prices” respectively.

Here again, attempting to get attention or business as usual?  Either way these are not the times to be fixing prices or trying to get attention, but a time for cooperation between developing countries to see how they can receive high marks for being “Contributor” nations as opposed to “Opportunist” nations.

Update: 1 Mar 09

Asean leaders against protectionism
from Bangkokpost.com : Breaking News

Asean leaders have committed firmly to free trade and cooperation in dealing with economic difficulties arising from the global economic downturn, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said at the end of the 14th Asean summit on Sunday.


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