A Winner Never Quits and a Quiter Never Wins

Solar Energy Opportunities

Solar Energy Opportunities

Throughout the world the economy has been the focus of attention, but all is not bad as it seems the way I view it!  This of course as had some very unfortunate burdens on Americans and the international community, but perhaps we should consider it a wakeup call when you consider the following:

  • A new call to Global Warming as taken place via Green Industries
  • The War in Iraq I believe as influenced our government to end this conflict
  • A rebirth to our highway infrastructure in badly need of repairs
  • An increased interest passing a comprehensive Health Care package
  • Awareness of revised regulation of our banking industry

The aforementioned I feel are just a few of many, which we have known about or even cared about, but never acted upon to address their importance in our daily lives.  Perhaps most importantly its brought us back to the realization that we were all living somewhat beyond our means.  An article appeared on AP Online News that best illustrates what some individuals are taking to return to appreciating what we have and how we can live cheaper and better.  The article is entitled: “Dollars from dirt: Economy spurs home garden boom”.

For others this is a time of opportunity even in the beat-up banking industry; I’m not talking about the big banks or the bonuses received, but again collective individual who have formed “New Banks”, which are just starting up in business.  Again, another article, which needs reviewing, is presented by TIME Online, entitled: “While the Giants Reel, Many Small Banks Are Thriving”.

An additional article, also by TIME, which complements both previous mentioned articles entitled: “1. Jobs Are The New Assets” also outlines our changing values and society of how we perceive ourselves “changing” in this newly developing economic environment.  The uniqueness of this article reminds us of what we have as mental and physical tools we have developed within ourselves and around us that we sometimes overlook or forget.

OK, so perhaps by now I’ve convinced you we’re in the process of changing or at least the “need for change”.  So, based from the list above of the “good things” that are taking place now; what’s my prediction of the best or possible opportunity to go into, if you’re looking for a job or career change?  I’d say the Green industry looks the biggest and fastest potentially growing industry and I base this assumption on an article by Gallop, entitled: “Americans on Energy: Promote Both New Sources and Old” and present this chart below:

As you can see I’m also basing my opinion on our government responding with the promises they have committed to during the past election cycle.

Our newly elected President said it was time for “Change”, but I earnestly don’t believe he felt the financial disasters he inherited would lead to the type of change we are experiencing today.  So, we make the best of the situation and attempt to seek opportunities, which we know are out there and only need to be developed into new Microsoft’s, Dell’s and Blackberries.

Complementing this posting a video, recommended to me regarding “Green Opportunities”, entitled: “Toxic Chemicals in Products: Financial Risks & Opportunities”, which I feel is capable of expanding in an unlimited number of employment possibilities for the future, perhaps give it a look.

Toxic Chemicals in Products: Financial Risks & Opportunities

Investor Environmental Health Network presents this educational video on chemicals in products and green chemistry opportunities.

Update 08 May 09:Some Auto Manufacturers Bailed Themselves Out By Switching To Wind
from The Huffington Post News Editors

Pete Ostrander and the manufacturer he works for took a hard look at the auto industry four years ago, and neither liked what they saw.

Automakers were pushing vendors like Merrill Technologies Group, where Ostrander works, to cut costs and, with the economic environment in Detroit worsening by the day, the company retooled itself as a supplier to what it believed was an industry with better prospects.


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