Things Go Better With Coke

The posting I’m authoring is more-or-less a follow on to a previous post listed here, regarding our international trade and American business interests on foreign soils.

A keyword flooding around, and which has resurfaced in these past few economic stricken times is “Protectionism”, where I have read this word a few times in our American based online news articles, but have seen it almost daily in foreign based web publications.  In essence these foreign based governments via their media services have directed warnings to America not to establish policies locking out their countries goods and services in America.

Fair enough, these countries are worried, such as we ours, about their country’s unemployment and perhaps trade imbalances; and need assurances from the US that we won’t adopt trade barriers or policies, which could further hamper their economic recovery efforts.

It’s when these countries enact policies against us, which is beginning to presently happen, is when I become disturbed and disgruntled.  Today, an article appeared within TIME, entitled: “China Says ‘Keep Out’ to Coca-Cola”, which I feel is an outstanding example of a country who has developed a huge imbalance of trade with us, a country to whom we owe one trillion dollars to (as pointed out in my previous aforementioned posting above) and according to some Washington folks (legislative branch) have understood it to mean a threat in some ways.

Consider taking a read of the TIME article and see what your feelings are over the frustration of letting the Chinese shop in America, picking up our small and middles sized businesses at a bargain, and not allowing us to invest within their country.

Again another video, but perhaps a neutral view on China’s business dealings with America, as presented by Bloomberg’s.

US Trade Deficit Narrows: US Trade Deficit With China; China’s Role In The World Economy

Analysis by Fred Bergsten of Peterson Institute for International Economics; Analysis by Carl Weinberg of High Frequency Economics

Update 24 March 09:

China Takes Aim at Dollar
Wall Street Journal By ANDREW BATSON

BEIJING — China called for the creation of a new currency to eventually replace the dollar as the world’s standard, proposing a sweeping overhaul of global finance that reflects developing nations’ growing unhappiness with the U.S. role in the world economy.

Update 05 April 09:

How China Is Capitalizing on the Economic Crisis
from TIME.com: Top Stories

How Beijing is using the global economic crisis to assert itself on the world stage.


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