What’s the True Picture of our Economy

As the title implies there as been in America’s past administrations and both current and past legislative branches where this has been or is true; coinciding with this, many times the figures are correct but how they’re presented is the same as a lie, so what’s the true story about our currently proposed administration’s domestic budget for FY 2010?

Again in stating my blogs, “I’m not an economist,” but do believe this White House blog posting by Peter Orszag is both true and in understandable layman English when we compare the administration’s intended 2010 budget request with past requests which were passed by congress.

Director Orszag’s blog is entitled: “Funding for Domestic Programs in the Budget” and posted today.  In essence he rendered an apples-to-apples approach to comparing budgets past and present budgets and arrives at the conclusion of today’s funding increase in the President’s budget amounts to only a  3.2 percent increase.

So, what dose this me to me?  Well there’s a lot of chatter coming from Capitol Hill about this proposed budget request for 2010, but when this request is compared to Bush’s prior request, it’s only a “small amount more.  The major difference being its coming at a difficult time in America’s economic burdens.

The video discusses President Obama’s with Peter Orszag in an understanding light.

Peter Orszag on budget

02-26-09 Rachel Maddow discusses the budget with Peter Orszag


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