Denny’s – Where The Food Is Free – and Drunks Can Pee


icon_digg6 I follow TIME online reverently for stories concerning TIME’s view on our changing society, so of course I subscribe to their RSS feed.

Last night the following headliner came in from TIME with their title being: “Denny’s: Where The Food Is Free, and Drunks Can Pee”.  This is disturbing to me; here’s a restaurant chain prospering and doing a good job of it, while providing food to those who may be homeless at this time or those who could go homeless soon and they’re being criticized by a somewhat elitist magazine.

I’ve never grasp the fact that “all who are homeless, are alcoholics” or those that are only poor always participate in promotions, such as offered by Denny’s.  Most of the time for me, it’s been to the contrary, where the rich I’ve had the pleasure to know, sit at home and clip coupons for the supermarkets and restaurants they chose to shop and dine at.

Here’s my point:

  • Times are economically difficult, so we should all search for values and reward outlets with our businesses that are smart and adaptable to the country’s needs.
  • The days of big money spenders are either at an end or coming to an end, so businesses had better learn to repackage their goods and/or services in a very competitive market.  After all, look what’s transpired in the auto industry.
  • Most of all “STOP” profiling, boxing and grouping people who have difficult time defending themselves in the media.

Super Bowl XLIII – Denny’s Commercial


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