Related Newswires Articles on Torture from TIME


Updated Newswires from TIME:

Obama: Still Opposed to Truth Commission on Torture
from TIME.com | By Bobby Ghosh and Michael Scherer

The Obama Administration had hoped that last month’s release of the so-called torture memos would shed some light on the dark practices; the ensuing uproar, from both sides of the political divide, has only made things murkier. For many, the controversies make the case for an independent inquiry: what better way to sweep aside the politics and get to the facts? (Read about the Pentagon’s role in torture tactics.)

Axelrod, however, argues the opposite. “I would say the last three weeks have demonstrated the perils of such a thing,” he told TIME this week, “because what you have seen is Cheney and the authors of the old policy trying desperately to justify what they did, and then you have seen people who are enraged by Cheney and the old policies who want to relitigate the whole matter. And all of a sudden you are in the old time machine headed backwards. And that’s not useful.” (Read a story about how the waterboarding controversy is drowning Pelosi.)

Axelrod points out that the Obama Administration has no vested interest in holding back an inquiry. “Obviously this is a look-back that doesn’t relate to stuff that we did but stuff that the last Administration did. So it’s not a self-interested decision to say we want to look forward and not back. But it really is … what the President thinks is best for the country.” (See pictures of Pelosi throughout her career.)

Why Is Condi Rice Joining the Torture Debate
from TIME.com: Top Stories

Friends and colleagues of the former Secretary of State say it was not something she had planned, but that she was simply responding to questions in public settings. Others suggest she’s determined not to let former Vice President Dick Cheney, who left office with a popularity rating in the sub-basement, become history’s spokesman for Bush policy on Gitmo.

Obama To Release CIA Interrogation Memos, Defends State Secrets
TIME | Posted by michaelscherer

The big news is that at any moment now, the world should know the contents of the once-secret memos that governed President Bush’s harsh interrogation program. The smaller news is that President Obama is further embracing his invocation of “states secrets” to attempt to derail lawsuits over the potentially illegal acts of the Bush Administration. According to a just-released statement.

A recent video complementing the topic of torture:

Keith Olbermann: “President Obama, You Are Wrong”

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann’s “Special Comment” Takes on President Obama’s decision not to prosecute CIA Interrogators for torture.

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