Related Newswire Articles on 2010 Elections


Newswire Update:

Eyck Freymann: 2010 Senate Midterm Preview
from The Full Feed from HuffingtonPost.com by Eyck Freymann

Traditionally, the party of the incumbent President loses seats in the midterm elections (though usually more in the midterm of his second term). Most likely, this is because a President is never quite able to live up to all his campaign pledges, displeasing some voters.

But Obama has handled his first four months with remarkable political skill. Over 80% of Americans approve of him personally, and his job approval rates are sky high. But his continued popularity will ultimately depend on the course of the economy. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said yesterday that we may be out of the recession by the end of this year. Especially if this is the case, 2010 could potentially see a third straight cycle of Democratic gains in both houses of Congress.

Plouffe Warns: Democrats Are A “Little Over-Confident” Right Now
from The Huffington Post | Sam Stein

David Plouffe, whose refusal to let poll numbers eclipse electoral realities became the defining feature of the Obama campaign, threw some cold water on Democrats on Monday. The gains made in 2006 and 2008 had left little room for further growth, he said. And right now, the party was a “little over-confident” with their majority status.

The Obama campaign manager, speaking at the Panetta Institute in Monterey, California, alongside Bush strategist Karl Rove, predicted that Democrats could at best only pick up a handful of seats in the 2010 congressional elections.


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