The Torture Issue and 2010 Senate Elections


icon_digg When reviewing which senators are coming up for re-election in 2010 (posted here) and comparing with this list of senators who were briefed on the CIA’s torture techniques (posted here (pdf document)) we discover the following senators should be given serious consideration of our vote in 2010:


  • Evan Bayh – Senator from Indiana (D)
  • Russ Feingold – Senator from Wisconsin (D)
  • Barbara A. Mikulski – Senator from Maryland (D)
  • Ron Wyden – Senator from Oregon (D)


  • Richard Burr – Senator from North Carolina (R)
  • John McCain – Senator from Arizona (R)
  • Richard Shelby – Senator from Alabama (R)
  • Christoper S. Bond – Senator from Missouri (R) (retiring)

Understandingly being briefed under the blanket of congressional confidentiality and condoning torture are entirely two different issues; it is still a voter’s responsibility to request the candidate’s feelings regarding their position on torture.

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