Related Newswires Articles on Afghanistan from UPI Asia Online


Related Newswires Articles on Afghanistan from UPI Asia Online:

Pakistani people in deep quagmire
from UPI Asia Online by By Mehwish Hassan Sara

The latest scourge inflicted on poverty-ridden Pakistan is the burden to quell insurgencies sprouting in the country. Resentment and fear of the Taliban have gripped the Pakistani public; but there is also resentment toward the government and the United States for imposing the war on terror on Pakistan.

Afghanistan: Back to the 90s?
from UPI Asia Online by By M.D. Nalapat

Manipal, India — At the risk of some repetition, it is worth mentioning two facts that seem unknown to policymakers such as U.S. envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke. The first is that the Asia of the 21st century is a tad different from that of the 19th – hence dredging up stored wisdom on how European colonial powers handled situations in the continent during that era may not be an entirely accurate guide to sensible policy.

The second is that the ideology of the Pakistan army is based not on military needs and capabilities, but on a vision of Mughal-era India, and the conviction that someday that glorious epoch will return to the subcontinent.

Despite 50 years of standing by as money and equipment meant to fight first communism and later the Taliban were diverted toward India-centric purposes, the United States – under a proposal originally made by Joe Biden, now U.S. vice president, and Senator Richard Lugar – is likely to provide a huge budget boost to Pakistan. It seems that U.S. and European Union policymakers are still under the delusion that the Pakistan army will – or indeed can – take on the jihadists.

Given this, it seems inevitable that the coming years will see the return of the Taliban to effective control of much of Afghanistan.

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The President’s Trilateral Meeting with Pakistan & Afghanistan’s Presidents

The Presidents schedule was virtually clear except for three pivotal meetings with leaders from two pivotal countries. He was joined by Vice President Biden first for a meeting with President Karzai of Afghanistan, then with President Zardari of Pakistan, and finally for a trilateral meeting with both of them. He was flanked by the two leaders when he spoke to the press afterwards.


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