Who Decides in Thailand – The Content of the Web

Freedom of speech and expression rings out loud and clear once again in Thailand on the Internet, but it’s a shame it’s being monitored “not by the Rule of Law”, instead by a bunch of unemployed students, it sounds like, selected by the non-populist non-elected government.

Govt backed cyber scouts to monitor internet

The Information and Communications Technology Ministry is joining hands with the Justice and Education ministries to launch Cyber Scout, a project to build a network of volunteers to monitor inappropriate content on the Internet.

The project will train volunteers to engage with the cyber society and monitor websites that compromise national security as well as the royal institution.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said yesterday that this project would also help bridge the digital divide between people who have and those who do not have a chance to access the Internet.

It would also educate them on the appropriate use of technology.

“The Internet now is a powerful communications channel and a twoedged sword.

“It is so important to encourage good moral use of technology for people,” he said. This project is also in line with the government’s promotion of a knowledge based society.

ICT Minister Chuti Krairiksh said that in the beginning, this project would recruit 200 people from around the country, including students, teachers, government officials and the private sector, who have computers and Internet literacy.

These people will be trained in the proper use of the Internet and then they will become online volunteer scouts to help the government screen websites.

“If they find inappropriate websites, they will inform the government immediately. The Cyber Scout project lets the government have a network of cyber monitors,” he said.

Source: (http://goo.gl/WcJi) By Asina Pornwasin, The Nation, Published on July 2, 2010


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