Thailand's UDD

Victory in Bangkok (for a day only)

Anek Laothammatas’ (1996) argument that Thai democracy is a tale of two democracies: where the rural masses elect vote-buying politicians, and the urban middle class, frustrated by the corrupt and inept nature of such governments rally to bring them down by weight of social sanction, protest and persuasion.
Income inequality is greater in Thailand than in China, India and the Philippines, the World Bank said in a November report. The richest 20 percent of the population earn about 55 percent of the income while the poorest fifth get 4 percent, the study showed.
Some 42 percent of bank savings are in just 70,000 bank accounts holding more than Bt10 million baht each, making up less than 1 percent of all bank accounts in the coutry, she said.
Nearly 20 percent of farming families are landless. The gap between the richest and poorest families, Dr Pasuk said, is 13 times, higher than any other country in the ASEAN region.

The following pdf documents are a collection of Academic papers recently released Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars covering the period from the 1950’s up and until the mid- 70’s:

Shane P. Tarr – The Nature of Military Intervention in the Countryside of Surat Thani, Southern Thailand.pdf


Rick Doner – The Development of Agribusiness in Thailand.pdf


Ralph Thaxton – Modernization and Counter-Revolution in Thailand.pdf


Peter Bell – Marxist Scholarship on Thailand The Work of E. Thadeus Flood 1932-1977.pdf


Larry Lohmann – Peasants, Plantations, and Pulp – The Politics of Eucalyptus in Thailand.pdf


Kevin J. Hewison – Political Conflict in Thailand Reform, Reaction, and Revolution by David Morell and Chaianan Samudavanija A Review Essay.pdf


Jim Taylor – Social Activism and Resistance on the Thai Frontier – The Case of Phra Prajak Khuttajitto.pdf


Jayne Werner – Introduction [coup in Thailand].pdf


James Ockey – Eviction and Changing Patterns of Leadership in Bangkok Slum Communities.pdf


Barney Hope – Thailand in the Nineteenth Century.pdf


Al McCoy – Subcontracting Counterinsurgency Academics in Thailand 1954 to 1970.pdf


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